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How the Rise of Voice Search Will Impact SEO Strategies?

Posted by:wimbmaster onFebruary 27, 2018

The Rise of Voice Search

2018 is a special year for tech. innovation and growth, much more the merging of the two. SEO analysis, for one, has exploded in this decade and is only set to do so all the more this year, especially since it affects every part of voice search analyst marketing. Voice search, as such, is a top performance-optimization arena of the “larger SEO realm” that has yet to see the best. And it all takes rise this year.

Crunch Time: What the Numbers Have to Say

The statistics seldom, if ever, lie, and here’s what they have to say, backed by none other than New York Times’ Neil Patel:

  • First, those 18 to 29 years of age and living in the U.S., owning a smartphone, who also use a voice-enabled mobile assistant, are 71 percent.
  • Those in the same demographics, but of 30 to 43 years of age, comprise 59 percent.
  • Additionally, 44- to 53-year-olds in this same demographic account for another 39 percent.
  • Last but certainly not least, Neil’s stats say that 38 percent comes from those 54 years old and older.

Thus, is it important to learn about voice search? And to engage others in this growing trend? We’d say so!

The Importance and Relevance of the Immediate in Today’s Day & Age

Voice search is convenient, time-effective, cost-effective, and fun to use overall, and that alone is perhaps why every generation seems to find it useful in some form. And since voice searches are powered by AI, they thus tend to increase in database knowledge and effectiveness with each use, not to mention overall reliability. It’s difficult, for instance, for a voice bot to misunderstand a commonly repeated command, one even that it has stored in its memory. Plus, mobile bots tend to remember their users’ voice patterns for greater recognition and recall.

Hummingbird, Anyone?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the 2013 Google update, Hummingbird, an algorithm like no other quite seen before? To say the least, it completely revolutionized voice search query intents in a whole new way, starting with a thorough analysis of what truly makes a query response meaningful and contextual to the user, providing value. 2013 was also a positive year for voice search growth, especially after the algorithm took root. This was a time in which many marketing strategists decided to take action on certain search query inadequacies and imperfections, refining their strategy.


The rise of voice search capabilities for 2018 and beyond is truly astounding, and the statistical information measuring the rapidly growing interest in such functions is only ever-growing. The facts never lie: Every single U.S. age-group demographic has only furthermore attested to these facts with rising validity; it’s certainly a year to watch, and if you remember the Hummingbird days, then you know exactly why. Remember: You can’t have an optimized voice search strategy without SEO, and vice versa!

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