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The Benefits of Using Digital Analytics Platforms for Enterprises

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Trial and tribulation in business is passé. Promoters and business owners no longer rely solely on gut feeling and few traditional market surveys to find their target audience or assess the efficacy of their marketing programs. Over the years, businesses have found digital and social media platforms as a preferred marketplace. After all, how can you miss the opportunity of reaching out to nearly 3 billion people at a go?

But as markets grow more accessible for businesses, owing to the penetration of internet in people’s everyday life, segmentation of market becomes a real challenge. Experts say that if you have done the market segmentation right then half the battle is already won. Hence, identifying the target market segments in the sea of digital buyers is of foremost importance for today’s enterprises.

Among other things, this is where digital analytics platforms come to the rescue of enterprises. Listed below are the key benefits of using digital analytics platforms:

  • Help understand users’ true profile and behaviour
  • New age digital analytics platforms help enterprises gain valuable information about users’ profile and behaviour, something that is hard to access through any other method of market analysis. Invest in a sophisticated digital analytics platform to learn about valuable information pointers such as the demographic details of users, their interests and preferences, the path users took to reach your page and time spent by them on your site / ad campaign, and so on. These insights greatly help marketers in defining and segmenting target markets, thereby guiding them in developing winning market strategies and effective ad campaigns.

  • Keen insights on site performance
  • Does your site take forever to download? Important images fail to open altogether? Well, you may never know unless you test your website on a good digital analytics platform. There are several cases where, unknowingly, enterprises keep getting lower online traction due to slow uploading pages. Armed with the knowledge of sections / areas of the site that takes lot of time to upload, enterprises can take timely action and improve user engagement.

  • Measure effectiveness of online promotions
  • Businesses spend lot of quality time and significant budgets to woo customers online. But even after careful planning and implementation of these strategies, ad campaigns do fall flat on the ground, failing to generate expected RoI or meet other engagement objectives. Good digital analytics platforms help enterprises find out what went wrong. In a world where internet users have very short attention spans and distinguishing needs and preferences, a host of factors play a role in success of a site or promotional campaign. Digital analytics platforms greatly help enterprises in deciding to choose right type of content, effective network of affiliates and even the best time of posting the content.

  • Comprehensive and actionable
  • Today’s digital analytics platforms reflect real-time analytics in a measurable and highly comprehensive manner. With the aid of charts and tables and ready inferences, anyone across the organization can easily track the performance of the site or promotional campaigns and draw conclusions without any effort.

    As the competition to top the search engine listings stiffens among businesses, services offered by digital analytics platforms help businesses in continually fine tuning their marketing strategies and successfully driving business through online channels.

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