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How Branding guidelines can be used to strategize Sales/marketing

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Brand guidelines make the success of all your marketing efforts possible. This is why it’s important to follow branding guidelines. This ensures that the brand voice, message, and all the other elements that make up your brand remain consistent and true. Brand guidelines are unique to a particular brand and no two brands are exactly alike. As a result, it’s safe to say that the guidelines for any given brand will be the tools and ideology that go into creating brand authenticity and they will vary greatly from one brand to the next.

What are Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines are the unique set of tools and strategies that create the identity and culture of a company. These tools and strategies govern how you manage the elements of your brand. These guidelines apply to anyone who deals with your brand, like designers and writers. Brand guidelines are usually formulated and put together as a company book or a protocol. This book functions as a set of guidelines that instruct how the brand is supposed to handle its elements. When the elements of a brand are handled according to the guidelines, the outcome is a clear consistent brand identity. This is powerful.

Core Elements in Brand Guidelines

There are three core elements present in all branding guidelines, although there can be many other elements as well. The elements that comprise a brand are determined by the brand itself. These elements create a brand’s identity and are uniquely distinguishing. However, all brands have three core elements;

  • Color palette
  • Distinguishing Typography; including various typefaces and families.
  • The different versions of your logo design and how they are to be used.

Other key elements include;

  • Graphic Elements
  • Symbols
  • Wordmarks appropriate.
  • The Brand Tone

Brand Guidelines Benefit Sales & Marketing

Branding guidelines allow companies to maintain a consistent voice, look, and feel. This is part of strategic marketing. A brand that’s immediately recognizable and consistent is powerful. The power comes from the ability to create a consistent and identifiable voice. However, guidelines also create a powerful strategic guide because they let you know when and how to use the elements of your brand. They even guide which elements of a brand to use in specific situations and teach what’s right or wrong for a brand when using its elements.
Branding Guidelines Direct Marketing Strategies

Branding guidelines help to build the tools needed to create strategic and powerful messages. Perhaps one of the most powerful benefits of branding guidelines is the ability to create a turnkey company. Any new employee will have all the tools and information readily available to generate messages that remain consistent with the brand’s identity.

Brand Guidelines Help to Define your Brand

All brands aim for an authentic and signature image and reputation. This help’s build customer loyalty and strongly defines the identity of a brand. When branding guidelines have been properly followed the result is a clear message, credibility, and a strong emotional connection between your customers and your product or service. Guidelines help a brand to establish a voice that clearly communicates;

  • Who and What the Brand Stands for and Represents
  • What Problem or Need it Solves
  • Who might Benefit from Your Product or Service

The Marketing Benefits of Following Branding Guidelines

When branding guidelines are followed, it enables you to effectively build a marketing plan that aligns itself with the elements of your brand. A marketing strategy that closely aligns itself with its branding guidelines has the ability to create a loyal customer base as well as loyal employees. Branding guidelines sustain both the customer and the people behind the brand. When branding guidelines are consistently followed, your company becomes both turnkey and signature. In fact, there are several results you can expect when these guidelines are followed by all wh0o handle your brand;

  • Your Brand will promote understanding and loyalty
  • Your Brand will Promote Value
  • You will clearly promote the brand promise
  • Your Brand will Reflect the values of your Target audience

Why is Branding so Essential to Effective Marketing Strategies?

Your brand is what your company does and the impact it has on others. This is the best way to describe the sum total of the effect of the elements of your brand when all the pieces are synthesized. Your brand is far more powerful than a company name, logo, or website, and any other tools that comprise your brand. In essence, your brand can be best described as the way people feel about your company. Branding ensures that your company doesn’t fade into the backdrop amidst your competition. Your brand’s reputation and perception often determine how effective your marketing efforts will be. In a sense, branding helps build your company’s credibility and sustain it. Solid branding that adheres to company guidelines are the essential building blocks of an effective and consistent brand. Core guidelines enable a company to developĀ a strong voice and identity which builds customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is essential to the longevity of a brand. Branding guidelines structure brand development to create a successful outcome for a brand and to lead marketing strategies and efforts. These guidelines are vital tools that help you to both build brand identity and sustain it.
Brand guidelines help create the tools and ideology necessary to build effective influencer marketing strategies. Without these essential guidelines, it is impossible for your brand to develop a consistent voice. In fact, the effective use of branding guidelines also makes it possible to create a strong clear identity for your brand which, in turn, encourages both customer and employee loyalty. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy benefits is the ability to create a turnkey, strongly identifiable brand identity and voice. These guidelines serve as instructions for everyone when it comes to how to deal with the elements of your brand. These elements apply to everyone from the newest employee to the most seasoned manager. The guidelines apply to any and everyone who handles your brand.

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