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5 SEO Mistakes that Bloggers Must Avoid

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After effortlessly working on your company blog, the expectation is that more visitors will access your content. However, poor ranks on SEO may adversely affect your blog’s performance.

Here are the top 5 mistakes made by bloggers.

1. Ignoring Internal Links

Having great content does not always mean that the site will perform well in SEO. This notion misleads most bloggers as they inappropriately place internal links.

So what’s the essence of internal links?

Basically, internal links make it easy for Google crawls to identify the relationship between various pages, your blog post, and other content. It is also fundamental for bloggers to always attach links to deep content.

Moreover, internal linking makes it facile for Google to interpret the structure used on the site. The ripple effect is that readers are able to access related articles.

2. Buying Links

To stay afloat and woe more online users, bloggers often liken the idea of paying for links. This may be a quick fix to gain popularity; however, the site may end up losing its competitive edge on SEO.

So how do search engines detect bought links? Well, they use bots and staff members to scrutinize for any ‘fishy’ gains. So if you abruptly shoot from one link to hundreds of thousands, be sure to arouse suspicion. The negative implication is that the site is penalized.

For this reason, it’s recommended that bloggers get their links from legitimate users. Furthermore, bloggers can capitalize on other metrics to win in SEO.

3. Use of Jargons and Excess Keywords

Search engines such as Google greatly value the use of keywords. In fact, this forms part of the core metrics of SEO success. However, some bloggers are faulted for overusing keywords. The repercussion of this blunder is either a ban or penalization of the website.

So how do you go about inserting keywords? Simply use one or two keywords to tell what the content is about.
Subsequently, ensure that you place the keywords far-flung from each other.

4. Duplicate Content

Are you fond of recycling or reusing your content? If this is the case, then you are likely losing in SEO. Myriad of bloggers prefer to rephrase their content and posting them on various platforms. Well, Google bots are critical in scrutinizing such trends. If the blog or site is culpable, then punitive measures will be taken.

That said bloggers ought to take their time to come with fresh content for their sites.

5. Poor Image and Video Format

Another weak spot among bloggers is the inability to optimize images and videos. In most scenarios, bloggers just pick their favorite images and post on their content. Apparently, this is not how it’s supposed to be done.

So what’s the best approach?

Firstly, ensure that you descriptively name your images, preferably using keywords and in plain language. Also be considerate of the dimensions selected for the images. Finally, encompass a sitemap for your videos.

Ultimately, bloggers should take their time to research on top SEO practices for better ranks.

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