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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2017

Posted by:wimbmaster

Content marketing, analytics, search engine optimization, social media – there is so much happening in the digital world and without a proper strategy in place, you’d never know which technique works best for your business and will end up spending time and money in duplication and half-hearted results. Online visibility is important for businesses and…

The Benefits of Using Digital Analytics Platforms for Enterprises

Posted by:wimbmaster

Trial and tribulation in business is passé. Promoters and business owners no longer rely solely on gut feeling and few traditional market surveys to find their target audience or assess the efficacy of their marketing programs. Over the years, businesses have found digital and social media platforms as a preferred marketplace. After all, how can…

The importance of marketing analytics over web analytics

Posted by:wimbmaster

Everyone understands the importance of analytics. But mostly analytics are understood to refer to only Google analytics or web analytics that provide invaluable data about the performance of a website. But is this data enough for marketers? More than how a page is performing, marketers need to understand the performance of their campaigns and the…

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